Power Couples: A collective community of God-ordained marriages purposed to encourage, inspire, and support one another in order to have masterful marriages.

Co-mission: Building a collective community by implementing purposeful pathways to develop masterful marriages.

Masterful: Only through our Master can we operate in the realm of purpose planned for us and by His direction can we select the appropriate pathways to this desired state.

Collective Community: A group of people who share a common purpose and operate within a prescribed set of values. Our collective community is couples who are married according to biblical standards and seek to continuously grow personally and in their covenant union.

Purposeful Pathways: Dynamic roadmaps for each couple as they move toward a strengthened union. The pathways are intentional strategies and objectives supported by activities that will continuously and thoughtfully be applied in order to move the trajectory of your marriage in a positive direction.

Masterful Marriages: Partnerships that understand that their purpose as a union is larger than themselves and their hunger and thirst for growth together overshadows their desire for individualism for they know together that they are one. They are unselfish in that they look to form bonds with other couples and share time with others for they know this is a proven process to strengthen the community. They will use their resources and wisdom to know when to seek assistance during challenging times and assist other couples in their journey to become masterful.

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Carlos and Katherine Greene have been married for over 25 years. They are committed to honoring the first institution ordained by God. Over thirteen years ago, they founded Power Couples Rock, LLC (formerly CK Committed), a ministry that focuses on strengthening marriages and families. This ministry has allowed them to facilitate numerous retreats and workshops throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions of the country as well as abroad to West Africa. Read More