Power Couples Conversations




The 1-2-3 Pathways

Mission: Building a collective community by implementing purposeful pathways to develop masterful marriages.

1-2-3 Pathways: A community of married couples (recommended 3-5) who meet for 1 hour 2 times per month for 3 months using one of the pathway series with the intent of establishing a common bond with each other and moving the trajectory of their marriage in a positive direction.

1 (One) Hour Meeting
2 (Two) Times per Month
3 (Three) Months

Each area in the Pathways session is divided into designated timeframes to help keep the discussion focused and moving appropriately.


  1. Foundational faith Fearless family
  2. Fierce futureĀ  Fruitful finance
  3. Fantastic fitness Fabulous fun

For groups of 15 or more please contact us at info@powercouples.us or at 770-881-0100 for group discount.


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